Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Power of the Sacred 3

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My dear friend and Tara Warrior Carmel, has in her latest email, sent on a link to the MEATH Master Plan ( and in doing so has tactfully reminded me that I have not updated this blog for a long while.
I plead Busy-ness.
That being said I hereby add this site to the list of Tara Warriors at the right hand top of the blog and ask that you please take some time out to look and ponder and consider.
(Note that I said that in '3's)

Which bring me to the Topic at hand.
I came across this wonderful bit of Mathemagikal application of the Sacred number 3 and since the Celts viewed their world 'triadically' I thought it of more than passing interest.
In a wonderful article entitled:
Ritual and Elements a Ternary Approach by Potia from the website ( )
I found this nugget: "The number three was one of the sacred numbers to the Celts. Lore and legends often refer to things in multiples of three: the three Bridgets, beyond the ninth wave, the realms of Earth, Sky and Sea, the three strains of Celtic harp music; joy, grief and sleep, Scottish needfires kindled by nine men, with the fire made up with nine sticks gathered by nine men from nine trees, companies in myth often are of twenty-seven men with one leader. Stories often have three phases or three tasks and then there's the concept of the threefold death. Ternary ideas appear again and again in Celtic lore and mythology and they have an important place within modern Druidry as well. If we use ternary ideas we can work towards balancing the way we approach the world. To use only ternary concepts would be to go too far in that direction but as so little in our western lives lends itself to ternary ideas it can be helpful to use these concepts in our spiritual life in order to help us to balance our approach to life a little better."

So here is something to consider the next thing you think you cannot make a difference, try using a 'Ternary Approach'.
If three people heed the message and if they tell three other people, there would be nine.
If each of them then spread the word to three others, there would be twenty-seven.
If each of these twenty-seven, passed this to three of their friends, there would be eighty-one.
If these eighty-one people talked to three others, in just four steps there would be 243.
In nineteen steps -- three to the nineteenth power -- this idea would reach over a billion thinking people (1,162, 261,467)!

Want to see it in mathemagikal terms?
Ok here we go:
3 x 3 = 9
9 x 3 = 27
27 x 3 = 81
81 x 3 = 243
And if we carry on this 'germ of an idea' (after all this is how viruses spread - think of this as a 'good bug') in 19 steps we would have TA DA!
1,162, 261,467 - that magikal Billion.

What is the current population of Ireland at the moment?

Blessings x 3 to all who read, think and act.

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