Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Post that Started it all - A Cause Worth Considering

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A Cause Worth Considering

These websites
all belong to a global group of concerned folk who are aghast at the proposed archeological and environmental damage to Tara the Hill of Kings in Ireland - all for the sake of an M3 motorway?!!

Take a look at what they have already done and are proposing-ghastly is not the word for it! and the 'lucky' Irish will have to pay a DOUBLE TOLL to use it! (please click on diagram to enlarge it) Yes they need new roads, (having driven on them I agree!) but there are alternate routes that have been proposed and ignored.

Why Should I Care?

You are probably wondering why I care so deeply about a country that does not have my citizenship?

Two reasons,
One: my great-grandparents were Scots-Irish and their DNA shows up in my red hair and green eyes not to mention quick temper! The idea that a people will beggar their children and children's children's future saddens and angers me beyond belief! I can only hope that our miserable example of poor protection of World Heritage sites (Old Growth Forests) will serve as a Warning to a country which has lately acted like a rampaging teenager, pockets full of cash and little sense.

Two: Tara's Hill of Kings and surrounding area is a World Heritage Site.
(hello, that means you and me regardless of birthplace) Once gone, it's gone.

If it were the Egyptian Pyramids being blasted to make way for a super bypass, you BET there would be a huge hue and cry world wide! (Tara is OLDER than the Pyramids.)
Remember Joni Mitchell's
"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"? Have we forgotten so soon?

On a personal note: This weekend my dear Irish friend and Journey Sister Carmel will be supporting the many many others camping out on Tara, putting their bodies on the line and lending their voices to the Protest of the Devastation that has already occurred and is further contemplated and planned.

Fri May 25 00:57:19 PDT 2007 Carmel writes: Wish you could join me today, my Journey Sis, as I go to help the protestors. I have a 6 man tent I can give them, pretty sure my camping days are over anyway and will bring supplies. Am ready for battle ! I will ring Mel if there is any excitement and he can relay the info. There is a meeting tomorrow at 2 in the Church at Skryne. They are expecting 100s to attend, I really hope we wont be disappointed! Catch up later :) Blessings, Carmel

So kindly take a look at the websites and see if this is indeed 'A Cause Worth Considering'. Blessings and Thank You for reading.