Monday, October 29, 2007

Beacon Fire Blessing


Blessed Brighid, Sacred Tara
Be united this Night
By virtue of your Holy Fire
Let Evil take flight!

Blessed Brighid. Sacred Tara
By the light of the Blessed Two
May all be blessed
In what you do.


In discussion with my dear Journey Sister and Tara Warrior, Carmel, the idea came forth that how appropriate it would be to light the Beacon Fires with Brighid's Flame!
In doing so, they would Take Back The Night and allow two Holy Beings to unite - the Spirit of the Sacred Land (Tara) and the Spirit of the Holy Flame (Brighid).

Many Blessings rest upon those valiant Tara Warriors on this Samhain Eve and to those global Beacon Warriors as well!

Well met! May this Chain of Light create warmth in our hearts and give us courage to continue the Fight!

Lady North
Come-What-May at Quail Hill

Monday, October 22, 2007

Oiche Samhain

This incredible poster has come my way courtesy of the Tara Warrior Carmel who asks that all who view it, print it off and post it.
Everyone no matter where they be is invited to join in on the Night and light a Beacon Fire.

(To get a better view of the exquisite artwork and poster information -please click on the poster -thank you)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Light Up the Hills for Tara - Beacon Fires

As part of the ongoing global concern for the Land, may I ask that if you wish to light a Beacon Fire on October 31st, that it not be directly on the Land itself but in a container of some sort?

Here is an ancient idea - a Roman Defense Beacon that was used in England during those times.

Another great suggestion has come our way: using the dryer drum inside an old washing machine - Sweet talk the recycling folks to take it out for you.