Thursday, October 11, 2007

Light Up the Hills for Tara - Beacon Fires

As part of the ongoing global concern for the Land, may I ask that if you wish to light a Beacon Fire on October 31st, that it not be directly on the Land itself but in a container of some sort?

Here is an ancient idea - a Roman Defense Beacon that was used in England during those times.

Another great suggestion has come our way: using the dryer drum inside an old washing machine - Sweet talk the recycling folks to take it out for you.



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dublinstreams said...

there's still those (exaggerated) claims of bodes found and not properly excavated by frustrated field worker who quit... to be verified, doesn't match the idea of the medival bodies found in the souterrain,

these were the replies at the time

There was two bodies found by the entrance to one of
the Souterrain's. They were both badly disfigured
(either from ploughing or from an attack which
probably led to their deaths). Only parts of the
second body were found, so there has been no public
disclosure about its identity (man or woman).

His name is Willow and he has done much to help the Vigil including
sourceing and building the new Tipi to name but a few!. I dont know of
the reports of gold jewellery etc but the worker referred to is a
Polish guy called Mark and he did indeed walk off his job, find the
protests and join us instead.

I don't know who the guy in the Tipee is.
There were rumours going around of a burial of a woman at the time
Lismullin was discovered.
At the time I mailed the archaeological company and was told that the
fragmentary remains of possibly two people.
They could not tell the gender of the remains until further
were carried out. All the talk of gold jewellry etc is fiction as far
I know.
What was significant was the burial of a dog in the very close vicinity

of the henge.
Here is the section of the reply from Donald Murphy of ACS who were
working in the area:

"Regarding Lismullin, the skeletal material that we recovered was very
partial and badly disturbed by later activity and has not been fully
analysed yet but preliminary identification by an osteoarchaeologist
suggested that it represents the remains of at least two individuals,
neither of which have been identified as female but full analysis is

It has been confirmed that scattered female remains have been
discovered in the henge or in very close proximity to it. Some
sources speak of two bodies. We don't know what happened to the
remains, consisting of bones only. I was under the impression that
they have been removed by archaeologists to a storage place outside
the area in an undisclosed location.

has anybody spoken with these people yet, im unable to go to tara at the moment

is this more hysteria and noise?